A friendly message takes to Austin’s mean streets.

“WAVE” launches at City Hall on October 22nd, 2:00PM presser with Chief Art Acevedo.

A new project from Austin-based branding firm The Butler Bros offers a simple suggestion for cyclists and motorists trying to traverse the same congested roadways – share a WAVE with each other and “roll nice.”

WAVE is intended to make both bike riders and motorists more aware of each other, and to foster cooperation and camaraderie between the two groups. Underscoring the importance of the initiative, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo will participate in the launch announcement on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday, October 22 at 2:00pm.

“If WAVE sounds overly simple, that’s the point,” says Adam Butler one of the two Butler Bros and co-creator of the project. “90 percent of cyclists are also motorists. We’re all people trying to get somewhere. The infrastructure improvements needed to ease tension between cars and bikes can’t happen overnight, but you can wave at someone today.”

The idea was born on a daily bicycle commute from South Austin to The Butler Bros East Austin studios. A simple wave often yielded very positive interaction with drivers Butler encountered, creating a feeling of safety on the many unprotected bike routes to his office.

“As a business owner with four bike commuters on staff, I want everyone getting here in one piece”, says the other Butler Bros founder, Marty Butler. “Safe passing laws are a part of that, but positive attitudes are the best grease for the transportation machine.”

WAVE is a movement and a brand, and it has already attracted support from a who’s who of Austinites, including musicians Ben Kweller and Bruce Robison, Chief Acevedo, famed hotelier Liz Lambert, BMX pro Aaron Ross, Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole and Bicycle Sport Shop Owner / Bike Austin board member Hill Abell - all of whom appear in a short film that introduces WAVE. Kweller provided the score.

Corresponding with the kickoff event will be the launch of wewave.org, a site that hosts films, shares stories and sells WAVE merchandise. Merchandise sales help underwrite the campaign to start WAVE through continued events and deployment of the “WAVEMOBILE,” slated to roll Austin’s streets soon, raising awareness and reminding everyone to roll nice.